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About the Company: Vance Kitira International is a wholesale distributor of handcrafted candles and accessories, tabletop, incense, home decor, and objects d'art. Founded in 1993 by a forester - Vance Kitira - the company has been driven by his inspiration for almost 20 years to create nature-inspired and nurtured products.

About the Founder: Vance shares two worlds, drawing inspiration and spiritual growth from his native Thailand, and energy with a sense of endless possibilities from his adopted country, the United States. Often traveling throughout the world, he is ever fascinated by the splendor of Nature. His desire to capture that beauty is evidenced through his designs. His products can be found in high-end independent gift and specialty stores throughout the United States.

About the Products: Our candles are made from food-grade paraffin with 100% cotton wicks made in USA. The candles are hand-poured at our own factory in Thailand and some items are sourced through local artisans. Therefore, color and sizes may vary. Vance Kitira International does not employ child labor and we do not associate with any other manufacturers who employ child labor.

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